Lesson 4 – The Getting Reviews Course

Most websites don’t send you a notification when you get a review. If you are like me and don’t want to miss anything, try these two methods.

1) Most don’t know Google & Facebook both have free apps. The apps will now alert you when you get a new review.

Google My Business App: Android or Apple

Facebook Pages Manager App: Android or Apple

Update: Microsoft came out with a bonus for all those using their paid office 365 for business. It’s called Microsoft Listings and you can track your reviews (Google, Bing, Facebook, Yelp). They now offer a MailChimp alternative and a easy invoice solution along with their calendar scheduler.

2) Manually check each month.

My favorite way is to know about new reviews is just check manually. Using Google Calendar, I set up a monthly reminder. Just click that box “repeats” when making a monthly or bi-monthly event.


3) There are paid services that will alert you, but they are limited to which sites they check and $30+ a month. I’ll trade 5 minutes of my time to save $30, but hey I’m cheap.

P.S. If you have added your review/feedback funnel to your website, checking each site for reviews is a breeze. All you need to do is visit yourwebsite.com/reviews and in a few clicks you have all your review sites up.

Next it’s is all about responding to reviews so share this right now on your social media channels. We will see you next for review filtering in lesson 5!

If you missed Lesson 3, here it is!

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