Kyle Hunt: Tips for Better Marketing

This month I had the privilege of talking to and interviewing Kyle Hunt from His goal is to make life easier for customers and for yourself. He started his own company in Michigan about 9 years ago and, while his own business focuses on home repair and re-modelers, the tips he has apply to all of us marketing online. 

Tip 1: Organize Your Client List

  • Stay in touch with past clients.
  • Send out consistent emails.
  • Call four previous clients every week.​

Tip 2: Have a Kick-Butt Website

  • Make sure your website represents you well.
  • Make sure that it shows how you are different.
  • Make sure to get some Google reviews as well.​

Tip 3:​ Have Strategic Partners 

  • Find other businesses that have the same clientele as you do.
  • Have two BLBs (Breakfast, Lunch, or Beer) every month.

Tip 4: Improve Your Sales Process​

  • Be sure to convert prospective clients into paying projects. ​
  • Spend ten to fifteen minutes on a phone call to decide whether a client will be a good fit.

We sure hope this was helpful to you and that you will be able to implement these things into your own business website. Don't forget to go look at Kyle's website!

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