Social Media & Newsletters on Autopilot

For contractors, posting something relevant weekly on Facebook or sending a customer newsletter, is the last thing on their list. 

However if you think ranking number 1 is enough on its own, you're mistaken. People are checking out your reviews and are often on your social media.​

They were finding him in the Yellow Pages and then looking his company up online.

– Christian – Plumber via

Automate Your Social Media

To avoid an empty graveyard effect, post regularly on your social media accounts. Using a company like may be the only way to automate social media intelligently. At 40 posts a month for $99, it is a good option.

Automate Your Newsletter

Keeping top of mind is powerful. There is a new company that makes it easy to do just that. Tidings will take your Facebook posts and turn them into a beautiful newsletter for just $39 $19 a month (Update: you can get just 1 email news letter a month for the lower price now). 

Since these are intelligent human beings, you can outline things like about carpentry and home improvement. But more than that you can give them a list of local sites/businesses to post and engage with. It is slick and the first few posts are completely free to try. 

Final Thoughts

Combine these two powerful tools and you have a powerful social and former client outreach program for less than $120 per month. I dare you to find any part time person or agency for that.

This shouldn't replace posting those great before and after shots. Rather, with a few of your own posts plus theirs, you have hit a gold mine of value.

If you thought these resources were helpful check out our free getting reviews course or get a list of what your customers want you to blog about.

Update: MailChimp has started to allow even free accounts to use ​automation. This means you can schedule out series of emails such as how to use that fancy new security system we installed for example. If you want to do email marketing yourself look at MailChimp.

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