How to Get Angie’s List Reviews


When Angie's List merged with Home Advisor the ability for mail in reviews was discontinued. If there ever becomes useful tools it will be mentioned here.

Contractors and service professionals need Angie's List reviews now more than ever. Angie's List recently opened up their site and you can get your reviews for free.

There is still a member gate to read reviews so don't think this cheapens the perception of these reviews. Just like Yelp, there is a core dedicated customer base that values these reviews and that super service award like gold.​

3 Simple Ways to Get Reviews​

  • Customers mail in a Comment Card for free
  • Angie's List will call your customers for free
  • Make it part of your ongoing review plan

Customers Mail in a Comment Card for Free

They have made it as easy as printing a "Review Card"... A.K.A. Comment Card. The customer just fills it out and mails it back with the pre-paid label. Customers don't event have to have an Angie's List account.

Part of the Angies List Review Card

Pro-tip: Since this a PDF it is easy to input all your company information (required) before you print. Print it on a nice card stock and include a sticker to close the letter for mailing.

Why contractors don't do this is beyond me. If your customers are older this is a must way to get reviews.

They Will Call Your Customers for Free

If you have a list of past customers asking them all for a review at one time could get you in trouble. Not so with Angie's List "Fetch" program. Submit a list of your past customers and they will call all your customers that have an Angie's List account within 10 days to take reviews over the phone.

The only draw back to this method is only the customers with an account will get called. But hey, when has a company been willing to call your customers to help you get a review for free?

Make it Part of Your Ongoing Review Plan

​You may be happy with your current flow of reviews but if you want to dominate you need a review plan. If you answer no to any of these questions go ahead and sign up for our free course on the secret to getting contractor reviews.

  • Do you have a plan to filter out bad reviews?
  • Do you know which sites Google wants you to have reviews on?
  • Do you know where your competitors have reviews?
  • Do you have a plan to reply to bad and good reviews?
  • Do you have an automated way to get notified of new reviews?

Hopefully you enjoyed the resource. If you did chances are you are going to enjoy our article on how to put your Social Media & Newsletters on Autopilot.

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