Keeping up With Internet Marketing

Where to go to learn and what to do about it

It takes many skills to build a house and few actually know all the pieces. It is the same with online marketers. Keeping up with it all let alone mastering all those skills is impossible.

I've spent hundreds of hours trying to keep up with it all. So instead here is my secret to never miss something huge.

The trick is to follow the thought leaders that stay up reading and analyzing everything instead of you doing it.



Local Small Business Lead Gen

Another secrete is just to read the newsletters and updates from the softwares you use.

If you find other great resources checkout these 3 apps/tools (GetPocket, Feedly, Casts) to keep up to date.

Ryan Joos on Local SEO Link Earning

Expert Marketer Interview

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I like to have experts come on the contractor podcast from time to time. This one with Ryan Joos from Nifty Marketing/Law is a local SEO gold mine.

Learn How To:

  • Target the right keywords
  • Craft a winning message for link building
  • Guest posting
  • Scholarship
  • Super resource

All to earn links that bring traffic and rankings in your local market.