Review Funnel

A Review Funnel is when you use something to funnel your clients to give you feedback and reviews. It typically looks something like this:

When your client sees this, they can click on the smiley face or the frowny face and it will take those customers to another page where they can leave their feedback.

Tyler at Excel is Getting Reviews

But why use the Review Funnel? There are actually a few reasons:

  • It tells you who is happy and who is not.

  • It will get customers to refer you.

  • It will get you to the 6 or more reviews that most people want to see.

  • You can counter any bad reviews with more good ones.

In the case that you do get the occasional bad review, take the conversation offline and over the phone or through email. Always make sure to provide your phone number and email so that you can properly deal with those unsatisfied customers.

The Feedback Funnel is one piece of the puzzle you need to solve all review problems. Once you have this you can ask your customers for reviews. You ask for reviews when your client is still in the honeymoon stage of business, Make sure to use a consistent system like giving a card or sending out an email or text message. If you do all of that you will have total control.

But if you don’t really want to do all of that or if you don’t have the time to do it all, we will do it for you for $60. We will help you without using fancy or expensive software.

Or if you do want to create your own Feedback Funnel, we created a FREE, ten day email course with access to all of the icons we use.

We hope this was helpful and gave you some information you can use in the future as you create your own Feedback Funnel.