News Pulse September2017

Facebook Lead Notifications

When you sign up to get lead notifications from Facebook, you are able to receive notifications through plenty of different sites and apps. You can sync up Gmail, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and more. There is a basic, free account and also accounts you can get for up to $99.

Pillar One: Website

A new article came out, giving good tips and tricks to dominate the local search. They cover things like: 

  • Description tags
  • Online directories
  • "Google My Business"
  • Online reviews
  • Using structural data makeup 

This article will really help you see what you can do to improve your searching abilities. 

Pillar Four: Reviews

This article written on helps talk about the new changes of Yelp and how they are now soliciting reviews for business owners. This article starts out with CEO Jeremy Stoppelman's quote about the new changes that has happened on Yelp. This article also explains why it's a good thing that Yelp has started doing this; covering why it's good for your business and good for theirs. 

Google Changes

Google has started a new Mobile Interstitials Penalty. Back in August 2016, Google decided that they would be devaluing sites in intrusive interstitials. This article gives you 10 helpful tips to get you prepared for this change. They cover things like:

  • Advice from Google
  • If pop-ups are worth it
  • Hiding content
  • Ad publishers
  • Content marketing strategies
  • Being mobile friendly
  • Intrusive interstitials
  • WordPress plug-ins
  • Interstitials triggered by exit intent
  • Page-to-page interstitials

With the changes happening to Google, this article really helps you know what you can do to stay on Google's good side. 

Facebook Page Plug-In

This Facebook plug-in, made especially for business owners, will allow you to directly link any Facebook page directly into your website. Lots of people review businesses on Facebook so if you have lots of good reviews there, this is a great tool for you to use for people to go and see how highly other customers think of you. The directions here gives you multiple options for how to go about doing that and shows you what it would look like. 

And you don't just have to connect to your businesses Facebook page. If there's another page that you'd like to promote, you can go ahead and plug-in that one as well!

Gmail Sender Icons

A new Google Chrome extension has come out. This new feature--Google Sender Icons--allows you to see additional information about the sender in your email. Here the author tells you exactly how nice it is to have this handy feature on Google Chrome.

But, how does this help business owners? If you ask me, I'd tell you that it helps out quite a bit. With this new feature, when previous or current clients receive and email from you, they won't delete it because they don't know who "Steve" is. They'll be able to automatically know that it's from your business and will be more inclined to open it rather than immediately move it to the trash bin. 

Pillar 1: Website

Microsoft has put up a few tips on how to let Yelp and Office 365 connect with your customers. They cover:

  • Yelp profiles
  • Being professional
  • Enabling customers

 They also offer a Small Business Makeover, something to help your website look professional so more people will be drawn to it. 

I hope these were all helpful and you were able to get some good tips and tricks! 

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