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There are countless reasons having a blog is good for business. If your problem is knowing what to blog about or actually get a post written, read on.

I have found there are 3 great things you can blog about as a contractor or service professional.

  • Write about a recent project
  • Write about your expertise
  • Write about something local/timely

For $50 a post we will take your minimal input and turn it into a blog post. We will take $5 off if you are a current customer and another $5 if you subscribe to a post a month. 

Each post comes with at 300-500 unique words and 1 photo.


Writing about a recent project

This is by far the easiest things to blog about. It is a perfect way to build out location pages. We like to cover 5 things in a recent job or project post.

  • Where did you do the service?
  • Who did you it for?
  • What did you do?
  • What obstacles or challenges did you overcome and how?

This post type typically requires a photo or a before and after shot. Bonus points if you get a testimonial from the customer to include on the page.


Writing about your expertise

This is the second easiest type of content. As an added bonus this helps build out the keywords your site is targeting.  Here is what you could send over:

    • The topic

    • The bullet point sub topics

    • Common problems customers have and the solutions

    • Why you are the best at doing this kind of work

We will provide 1 photo from the commercially approved creative commons libraries.


Writing about something local and timely

You are part of the community. Let people know when there is something timely. Here are 3 things worth writing about.

  • Home show/event
  • Charity/Sponsorship
  • Local news

We will provide 1 photo from the commercially approved creative commons libraries.

Don't have time to write this all down, no problem. We do drive by blogging all the time. Just call 208-718-2564 A.K.A. 208-718-BLOG and leave a message (you get up to 3 minutes). Be sure to cover the same things you would in an email. Of course you can now also send photos related to the post to [email protected]


Don't have a great experience your first time, we will refund your money no questions asked. Of course we will keep the right to that blog post. Fair?

Blogging has never been so simple

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