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Do you struggle to find and hire quality employees for your contractor / home service business? Scaling your business is easier when you have the right employees.

Well we set out and discovered the easiest way to hire great contractor employees. 

Call for a free conversation about taking hiring off your to do list and moving it to the done list. 

Why Us

  • Affordable - employee scouting starting at $300 and full HR setup for $400-$1,000.
  • Easy - Effective recruiting has never been so easy. Hours are reduced and quality applicants increased. 
  • Personalized - We have a signature 5-step process for setting up and insuring the best applicants.

Writing Job descriptions, posting, marketing, finding, screening, and scheduling of interviews for your next employee hire.

Simple Pricing

Employee scouting starting at $300

Full HR recruiting setup for $400-$1,000.

Recruiting Services

Included Features

Included in every plan are the essential features for getting in front of the right potential quality employee.

  • Research competitors employee offers
  • Customized job descriptions & recommendations
  • Posting on Facebook & Google Jobs
  • Personalized application questions
  • Pre-screened 2-step application process & phone interview
  • Qualifying applicant's automatically scheduled for interview
  • Simple dashboard
  • Reach more applicants
  • Approval on everything prior to listing

Signature Setup

We can get you applicants and cut your recruitment time in half for as little as $300. But if you want to make your business look worth working for, you need our signature setup service starting at $400-$1,000.

  • Effective Video
  • HR Page
  • Rave Reviews
  • Marketing Setup

Effective Video

Signature Setup - Want a video like this? We will produce a more authentic looking, shorter and affordable explainer why work with us video.

HR Page

Signature Setup - Hiring is 20% showing up in the right places and 80% getting the right person to apply. A PR web page is what you need to attract the right applicants.

Reach More

A large hiring pool is reached with Facebook and Google Jobs coverage. Works great for finding contractor employees.

Simple Dashboard

In one simple glance you can see how successful your recruiting campaign is on a dashboard.

Rave Reviews

Signature Setup - No, little or bad reviews scare away the best applicants. We help you get a process in place to get raving reviews from your employees or at least reviews so people believe them.

Marketing Setup

Signature Setup - We make your application stand out. If you would like more exposure we can run $20 daily ads until you get a lot of applicants to choose from. 

Compare & Save




HR / Employee Scouting

Starting at $300. No ongoing fees.

Starting at $500+ per placement and ongoing fees

Setup fees



Simple Dashboard


Not available

Signature Setup

Full HR recruiting setup for $400-$1,000. (HR Video, HR Page, Marketing.)

Not available

What Others Are Saying About us:

It's fun to go over reports to see what is happening...

Jason and his staff are amazing at what they do! They are very courteous and professional, and they get results! Internet marketing is Greek to most folks, they are able to explain what and why they are doing things, and make it fun to go over reports to see what is happening. Thank you for the hard work. We recommend this team highly!

Kurt Welch  //  True Roofing | Google Review

I received a detailed report...

Local Web Marketing System is great. Jason has great follow through and really knows how to accomplish the things that we needed done with our website. The thing that I like most about this company is that I received a detailed report of what they have done and the things they are going to do for me each month. If you need help with your website I would definitely use them.

Josh Munns  //  Dougs Repair | Google Review

The most competent online marketer...

Jason Weaver at Local Web Marketing System is an incredible marketer. I have owned and operated a number of businesses, and Jason is by far the most competent, honest, and hard working professional online marketer I've ever worked with. Highly recommend!

Redge Allen  //  Professor of Business | Google review


Not everyone is a good fit.

That is why we start with a Free conversation.

At the very least you get a game plan for marketing.


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